Key Skills :   easily create co-operative groups, good communication

Job Description

The aims and objects are as follows.


  • To enlighten the masses about the benefits of the Co-Operative Movement
  • To encourage people at – National, State, District, Taluka and Primary – levels to promote, form and run Co-Operatives of various types
  • To advise and help the existing Co-Operatives to overcome problems and difficulties in their working
  • To assist Co-Operatives to represent matters relating to promoting forming and their working with the Co-Operative Department, State and Central Governments, RBI and such other Institutions at State and National levels
  • To encourage, undertake, institute research in various fields, especially related to social, economic and Co-Operative sectors
  • To provide techno-economic services to individuals, institutions and Co-Operatives.
  • To undertake surveys and studies and assist projects to improve socio-economic conditions in rural and tribal areas
  • To open branches for the fulfilment of the objectives ,
  • To do any other thing to help especially the backward people and areas to improve their Social and Economic conditions through the Co-Operative Movement.


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